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The Importance of Taking Control of Your Mental Health

Taking control of your mental health is the first step when it comes to taking control of your life and wellbeing. As humans, we always try to fix things that aren’t broken, but in this case, your mental health can always be improved overtime. It does take dedication and motivation to see the end results.

According to High Focus Centers, “untreated mental illness can lead to more serious health problems.” Some risks of ignoring your mental health include worsening mental health problems, chronic pain, chronic physical health issues, instability in your daily life, and suicide.

Here at Cherish All Greatness Inc., we try to provide help, give advice on these issues, and lessen its impact. A great way to take control when dealing with these risks involve getting treatment early to lessen mental health problems, minimize chronic pain and physical health issues, stabalize your emotions to function correctly in your daily life, and prevent suicide. According to Z. Hereford, “taking control of your life means being connected with your values and vision and setting meaningful goals for yourself. When you take control you become more productive and more optimistic. You are able to tackle and saw problems more easily and ultimately experience less stress in your life.” In order to take control of your life, it is important to take accountability and responsibility of your actions and yourself for every aspect of your life rather it is big or small.

To help along the way, Hereford has provided some ways in which you can take control of your life such as:

  1. Determine your values and what’s important to you

  2. Plan, be organized, and set goals

  3. Maintain a positive attitude

  4. Have Fun

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Aug 11, 2021

I whole-heartedly agree with this piece. I'm reminded of the recent heroic events of Simone Byles where she brought mental health among athletes to the forefront during the Olympics. We're all human subject to human frailties.

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