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#BehindTheMerch - "Tomorrow needs you!" Water bottle

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

#BehindTheMerch - "Tomorrow needs you!" Water bottle


Our "Tomorrow needs you!" water bottle was created to be an ongoing inspiration to those who struggle with self-acceptance and encounter the most during their everyday lives. This message alone is a constant reminder of motivation that pushes you to keep going no matter what. We are all human and need that extra push to continue moving forward when there is no one around to do so. You are here today to read this message that pushes you to try again tomorrow and to continue making changes to your life so that others can see you tomorrow.

This was previously used in 2018 as a part of World Suicide Prevention Day. According to Jamie Tworkowski, "Perhaps the greatest tragedy of suicide is that it steals tomorrow and every additional tomorrow. Suicide takes away the possibility of tomorrow filled with healing, change, love, joy, connection, and community. Those possibilities are worth fighting for, they’re worth every ounce of our attention and energy. And you are worth fighting for. With those things in mind, and with World Suicide Prevention Day coming up on September 10, we’re choosing to focus on tomorrow. We’re choosing to fight for tomorrow. Our message this year is simple: Tomorrow needs you.

Tomorrow needs you to be a good friend.

Tomorrow needs you to hold your little sister’s hand.

Tomorrow needs you to be an uncle, a classmate, a roommate, a cousin.

Tomorrow needs you to laugh. To dance. To build. To dream.

Tomorrow needs you to stay for all the things you love.

Your favorite song still needs you to sing.

You still need to hear your child’s voice.

Your favorite film needs you to watch it once again.

Your favorite meal, favorite city, favorite beach, and favorite book.

Your favorite place to watch the sunset.

Won’t you stay to see the sunrise?

Tomorrow needs you to write that novel, record that podcast, share that poem.

Because no one else has your voice.

Because no one else can play your part.

More than anything, tomorrow needs you to love and be loved.

You don’t have to perform or impress or achieve.

You can if you want but tomorrow needs you just to be yourself.

To love the people you love and to be loved by all the ones who love you.

If you need tomorrow to heal and to recover, it’s okay.

If you need ten tomorrows or a hundred or a whole year, it’s okay.

There’s no rush and you won’t have to go alone.

Today is not the day your story ends.

Today is not the day the darkness wins.

Today needs you to know this world needs you.

Today needs you to know that you can say your pain out loud.

Today needs you to know that it’s okay to ask for help.

Today needs you to know that you can get the help you need.

Because tomorrow needs you."


"Tomorrow needs you!" water bottle

Color: clear with black text

Size: 32oz

Modeled from Reusable & Recycled PETE

BPA Free / FDA Compliant - Safe for Food Contact

Hand Wash Only

IMPORTANT NOTE: Back Side is With Pre-Designed "Droplets" Motivational Measurement

Size: 32oz


According to The Berkey's website, there are ways in which drinking clean water impacts your health. These health benefits include:

Lessens Morning Fatigue.


Nurtures skin.

Necessary for digestion.

Nutrient absorption and chemical reactions.

Helps eliminate toxins from your body.

Helps circulation.

Controls your body's cooling system.

Reduce the risk of colon cancer and bladder cancer.

It aids in lubricating joints.

Furthermore, "Dr. Jeffrey Griffiths of Tuft University School of Medicine, a significant part of the credit for longer life expectancies can be attributed to clean water." The Serenity Mental Health Centers also discusses how hydration improves mental health. For example, staying hydrated lowers the risk of anxiety and depression, improves emotional health, and decreases the risk of dementia. Dehydration can lead to depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.

10 Signs You Are Not Drinking Enough Water - Irish News

You are feeling tired.

You are having digestive problems.

Your eyes are sore.

You have an increased risk of kidney stones.

You have bad breath.

You have aching joints.

You have a headache.

Your cholesterol levels are higher than normal.

Your concentration levels are falling

You are finding simple exercises hard to do

In addition, you will also have an increase in hunger, dryness, fatigue, and weak/cramped muscles, and also a rapid heartbeat, rapid/shallow breathing, fever, and cloudy thinking according to Solara Mental Health.

Side Effects of Not Drinking Enough Water - Henry Ford Health System Staff

Persistent headaches.

Sluggish bowel function.

Dull skin.


Weight gain.

Dry mouth.

"Human beings are made up of about 80% water. Every organ, cell, and tissue in our bodies use it to function properly, which is why drinking enough water every day is important."

How much water should you drink every day?

Most people might wonder what is the appropriate amount of water a person needs to drink on a dailing basis. That amount varies per person. An easy way to determine how much water to drink, according to Lucy Shanker is by utilizing simple math. "To gain a baseline understanding of your personal water needs, pull out a calculator and plug your age and weight into this quick, three-step formula:

1. Divide your weight in pounds by 2.2.

2. Multiply the result by the number below that applies to your age range:

If you’re younger than 30, multiply by 40.

If you’re 30–55 years old, multiply by 35.

If you’re older than 55, multiply by 30.

3. Divide your result by 28.3. The answer is the estimated amount of water you require each day, in ounces.

For example, for a 50-year-old person who weighs 180 pounds:

180 divided by 2.2 = 81.8

81.8 multiplied by 35 = 2,863

2,863 divided by 28.3 = 101.1 ounces per day (about 3 litres)

It’s important to remember that this calculation will not produce an exact measure of your water needs and that it reflects your approximate baseline water requirement from all sources, including food."

Read More/ Sources:

World Suicide Prevention Day 2018: Tomorrow Needs You By Jamie Tworkoski

Can Water Help You Live Longer? Secrets of water and longevity.

How Hydration Improves Mental Health

10 Signs You Are Not Drinking Enough Water - Irish News

6 Side Effects Of Not Drinking Enough Water

Water, Depression, and Anxiety

How much water should you drink every day?

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