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#BehindTheMerch - Awareness Wristbands

Behind the Merch:

"Love more. Be more. Cherish life," and "#SaveAHeart Cherish the moment." Wristbands


The "Love more. Be more. Cherish life." wristbands were created to promote a constant reminder to love one another no matter the struggles in life, to be more than just what you are, and to constantly evolve to become a better version of yourself., and cherish life and placing more value on the opportunities life has to offer. This also includes any obstacles life throws in your direction. Here at Cherish All Greatness, we focus on suicide awareness, mental health, self-love, and other associated categories to make the world a better place. The freedom of wearing these bracelets is what is most important. These wristbands come in multicolored patterns and are available in adult size only.

The "#SaveAHeart Cherish the moment." wristbands were created for the month of September to be in coordination with Suicide Awareness Month. These have become a constant reminder of how we can prevent suicide. A heart is worth saving. According to Suicide Prevention LifeLine, "understanding the issues concerning suicide and mental health is an important way to take part in suicide prevention, help others in crisis, and change the conversation around suicide." #SaveAHeart promotes the value of living. According to the Center For Valued Living, "valued living is having a notion about what we want out of life and then making a commitment to ourselves to take action in service of those values. Essentially it is the most vital way in which we would choose to live." These wristbands glow in the dark and are available in adult and youth sizes.

Benefits of wearing wristbands according to Michele Wheat,

⦁ Bracelets make it easy to stand up for a cause or tell others what is important to you.

⦁ An important way to promote brand awareness for causes to spread a strong message in the community

⦁ Develop a greater pride in a company

In addition, Wheat explains how "these awareness bracelets serve as an ongoing reminder for those wearing them. By wearing the same awareness wristband, they also offer a sense of identity and makes it easy for people involved in a cause to feel united."

The freedom of wearing these bracelets is what is most important. Any Time, Any Place, Cherish.


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