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What Works For Me! - Commitment and Consistence

What it means to be committed is different from what it means to be consistent. Commitment comes with devotion and dedication. It is the ability to work hard and staying committed to your goals. Whereas, consistency entails a consistent display of abilities and is regularly done. Both commitment and consistency holds their own importance when creating successful and meaningful results that can be beneficial.

Being committed is important because it shows reliability. A result of showing

commitment includes an improvement in relationships, a heightened success in

reaching goals, and an increase in time to focus on your journey towards accomplishing your goals.

According to Dan Rockwell, there are three benefits of making a commitment.

1. Increased creativity.

You tend to find different ways to resolve issues and different ways to accomplish your goals.

2. Energy.

"Commitments give direction to energy. Potential energy is useless until it's released."

This relates to your motivation and what keeps you going.

3. Limiting options - establishing priorities.

"Drifting is excluded when you commit to excel."

Its important to always write out and keep track of all of your options as well as their outcomes.

Basically putting into perspective the result of your actions.

Furthermore, some tips to help you along the way include:

1. Making small commitments.

Making small commitments becomes much easier to deal with and accomplish which includes less stress.

2. Commit just for today.

Ex.: Daily goals - things you want to accomplish during the day

3. Commit with.

Find someone to help you stay committed to your goals and whatever you want to accomplish. Things are always better together.

According to Dr. Sally Hilton, there are also a few ways to help you commit to your goals and get things done. They include:

  • Set goals.

  • Commit to the process.

  • Plan.

  • Let go of the need to feel like it.

  • Just get on with it!

  • Tell people.

  • Get started.

  • Reward yourself.

Being consistent is important because it shows that you are persistent or dependable. A result of showing consistency includes the ability to measure ones progress.

Some advantages of being consistent, according to Marie-Christin Anthony includes:

- People know what to expect from you.

- You deliver high-quality results.

- You are efficient and have better results.

- You can measure success and progress easier.

- You identify areas of improvement quicker.

- You are more successful in achieving your goals.

Keeping these two words in mind always works for me.

It works for me because it motivates me to grow and also become the best version of myself daily. Our minds constantly changes and grows over time as we change and grow over time.

“Without commitment, you’ll never start. Without consistency, you’ll never finish.” - Denzel Washington

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