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Self Love/ Self care pt.2

Self love is important when understanding your body. The more you know about your body will help take care of it. Such as helping with its health and wellness. This relates to the things we consume on a daily basis as well as how we take care of our body’s too.

For instance, are you getting enough rest? Not so much enough to get by which is unhealthy.

Lack of sleep tends to shift our mood on a daily basis as well guiding how poorly our body’s function. Lack of sleep effects how you think and interrupts your brains ability to function correctly.

Are you also eating the right foods?

The wrong amount of unhealthy foods can interfere with your body’s ability to continue to work correctly. Certain nutrients are very important to intake daily which can be consumed in several ways.

Self love or self care has numerous benefits.

For instance, it helps with stress and anxiety, promotes a higher level of satisfaction, strong motivation, and health and personal growth.

To dive deeper:

Stress and anxiety: is lessened. We’re more likely to think more positively and have a positive attitude.

Higher level of satisfaction: Practicing self-love regularly not only strengthens our self-appreciation but also help us to see the world in another way, according to Our Mindful life.

Strong motivation: giving you the extra drive, push, and energy to move forward based on how you feel, i.e. your mood.

Health and personal growth: When you value yourself, there’s a complete change in how you approach living your best life. Not only does your body start to change and adapt to life changes, but your way of thinking does also. You will also start to become more responsible when it comes to self care.

Remember, self love is for you!

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