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What It Means To Be Great

Your life is valuable in more than many ways. You are great at what you do because it is unique to you and no one can take that from you. Before those around you were able to get to know you and discover greatness in you, the man upstairs saw greatness in you. When we compare our lives to those who are less privileged, we are truly blessed and fortunate. I always value how we as humans can communicate with one another in more than one way. Words are able to speak to one's soul that creates a meaningful connection. Taking that extra leap of faith to help someone else can be the reason they want to live another day. Life is too short as is but can be considered long depending on the person that values it. We should take each day as it is and live in the moment. Although tomorrow is never promised, we must enjoy the time we have with one another. Time is all we have so we must cherish each day of our lives and the moments that are filled with joy and happiness. Greatness is shown in every individual both young and old. The small act of kindness that we show towards one another can go a long way. Greatness starts with your heart and the love you show unconditionally.

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